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Eastron SDM120Modbus Monofase

The energy-meters “with a blue back-lighted LCD screen for prefect reading” are used to measure single-phase like residential, utility and Industrial application. The unit measures and displays various important electrical parameters, and provide a RS485 communication port for remote reading and monitoring. Bi-directional energy measurement makes the unit a good choice for solar PV energy metering. The compact design and din rail installation provides a easy and economical solution for your metering demand. 

General Specifications 
Voltage AC (Un)                     230V 
Voltage Range                       176~276V 
AC Base Current (Ib)             5A 
Max. Current (Imax)             45A 
Mini Current (Imin)               0.25A 
Starting current                     0.4% of Ib 
Power consumption             <2W/10VA 
Frequency                               50/60Hz(±10%) 

Tim Steensels,
11 apr. 2018 02:53
Tim Steensels,
11 apr. 2018 03:00