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for %-level measurements in life science incubators, cold storages and all demanding applications
The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251 is an intelligent, stand-alone, %-level probe for measuring CO2 in life science incubators, cold storages, fruit and vegetable transportation, and in all demanding applications where stable and accurate percentage-level CO2 measurements are needed. The operating temperature range is -40 … +60 °C and the measurement range is 0 … 20%CO2.

• Measurement range 0 … 20 %CO2
• Intelligent, stand-alone probe with analog and digital outputs
• Compatible with Indigo 200 transmitters and Vaisala Insight
• Wide operating temperature range -40 … +60 °C
• IP65-classifiedhousing
• Full temperature and pressure compensations
• 2nd-gen proprietary CARBOCAP technology
• Integrated temperature measurement for CO2 compensation purposes
• Compensations for background gases, O, and humidity
• Sensor head heated to prevent condensation

Geert Poisquet,
11 apr. 2018 01:55