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TQS3 Module is a digital temperature sensor. It measures temperature within the range from  -55°C  to  +125°C  and  sends  the  measured  value  directly  in  degrees  Celsius.  The  TQS3 
thermometer has a very low consumption and communicates via  an RS485 bus line using the 
Spinel  protocol.  These  features  enable  connecting  more  sensors  with  a  four-wire  bus  line 
containing an RS485 link and supply cable to the distance of up to 1200 m.
The module measures temperature using an integrated unit with the accuracy of ± 0,5°C. The 
TQS3  module  contains  an  indicator  which  blinks  to  signalize  the  ongoing  temperature 

  • Temperature measuring within the range of -55°C to +125°C
  • Transmission of measured temperature directly in degrees Celsius
  • Communication via an RS485 link
  • Very low consumption – typically only 2 mA
  • Measurement indication
  • Small size
  • Unstabilized supply voltage
  • Standardized metal cover diameter (outdoor design)
  • Spinel or Modbus RTU communication protocols (can be switched by the user)
  • Temperature monitoring by Wix software
TQS3 communicates over a standard two-wire RS485 industrial bus bar. It is powered by  a DC 
voltage of 7-20 V. The input is protected against reverse polarity.
Wago 236 terminal block is used to connect the power supply and RS485. Figure 2 shows the 
terminal block inside the TQS3 O box.

Power  supply  is  connected  to  terminals  +  (orange)  and  –  (blue),  RS485  is  connected  to 
terminals Tx+ and Tx- (both grey). 
Tim Steensels,
11 apr. 2018 04:17