For every Modbus sensor that is activated within the Smartlog platform, a Modbus error measurement and Modbuserrorlevel conditional is created. This Modbus error measurement can be 0 or 2. When it is at 2, it indicates that a read/write error occurred within that measurement cycle. Cycles are usually set at "once every 60 seconds".

The Modbus conditional will by default check every 5 minutes to see the current value of the Modbus error measurement. It is throttled by 20 minutes, so if after 4 checks the measurement has not changed to 0, a notification will be triggered.

This read error could be caused by

  • Faulty wiring
  • Interference from other appliances or sensors
  • Sensor firmware incompatibilities
Fluctuating modbuserror

Obvious solutions to the problem are

  • Correcting the errors in the wiring
  • Limiting interference from the other appliances or sensors
  • Updating the firmware incompatibilities

But this is not always possible. Therefore, we adjust this conditional to compensate.

  • Increasing the throttle interval allows for a longer period of incomplete measurement cycles, which could be acceptable depending on the type of measurements or environment.