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uality product for HVAC sector, accuracy ± 3 % Calibratable outdoor humidity- and temperature sensor HYGRASGARD® AFTF - LC - Modbus with Modbus connection, terminal box enclosure made of impact-resistant plastic, enclosure cover with quick-locking screws, with ⁄without optional display. The universal on-wall sensor is used to determine various characteristic variables in humidity measurement. It is used to measure the relative humidity and the temperature of the surrounding air . These measurands are used to calculate various parameters internally. The Modbus can be used to retrieve the following parameters: relative humidity [% r. H.], absolute humidity [g ⁄ m³], mixture ratio [g ⁄ kg], dew point temperature [°C], enthalpy [kJ ⁄ kg] (ignoring atmospheric air pressure) and ambient temperature [°C]. It is used in non-aggressive dust-free environments in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room technology, hotels, technical rooms, meeting rooms and convention centres. The measuring transducers are designed for exact detection of temperature and humidity. A digital long-term stable sensor is used as measuring element for humidity and temperature measurement. Fine adjustment by the user is possible.

    • Spanningsvoorziening: 24V AC (±20%) en 15…36V DC (±10%)
    • Vermogen: ˂ 1 VA / 24 V DC. ˂ 2,2 VA / 24 V AC
    • Meetbereik: -35…+180°C
    • Sensor: Digitale vocht sensor
    • Nulpunt offset: ±10% R.H.


    • Omgevingstemperatuur: -30…+70°C
    • Medium: Zuivere lucht en niet agressieve, niet brandbare gassen
    • Bus interface: RS 485, Galvanisch gescheiden
    • Bus protocol: Modbus (RTU-Mode)

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